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Instant Mixes

  • Rice Dosa Mix

    Rice Dosa Mix

    Enjoy the quintessential South Indian breakfast with great ease! Make about 8 crispy, golden brown Rice Dosas with absolutely no grinding involved!
  • Rava Idli Mix

    Rava Idli Mix

    Now make delicious Rava Idlis of Karnataka fame. Can make 50 soft Idlis of this pack
  • Gulab Jamun Mix

    Gulab Jamun Mix

    Make Soft Juicy Gulab Jamun in an Instant. Prepare 40 Gulab Jamuns from this pack

Ready Meals

  • Pongal


    A mildly spiced rice and lentil dish, garnished with fried cashew nuts. Your alternative to home cooked food.
  • Pindi Channa

    Pindi Channa

    Cooked succulent chick peas simmered until tender in a aromatic tomato sauce creating a wholesome and satisfying treat.
  • Aloo Mutter

    Aloo Mutter

    Choicest potatoes and fresh green peas blended in a rich tomato curry. Your alternative to home cooked food.